The Insight Show – Public Markets, A Source Of Public Disorientation Neglected By City Councils


On this episode of the Insight Show with show hosts, Tima Gaye and Proffs, the show reacted to a video put up on the Facebook wall of a socialite blogger and activist, Fatou Jagne, furious about an incident she witnessed at the Serre Kunda market that reminded her of the days of authoritative dictatorship, the Gambia was in for 22 years, of which powerful forces of all kinds acted in ways, however, whatever they want and got away with, hence the need to say, never again.

A video of what seems an unruly driver behind tainted window glasses, without any regard for the safety of street vendors nor their products, plows through on and about, carelessly crushing items for sale of street vendors, causing huge loses to them without even bothering to stop.

Reacting to the various possibilities of all that went wrong and could have gone wrong, analysis of the incident, was quick to realize the current set out of Public markets in Gambia is a source of public disorientation.

The conversation focused the heat on the KMC City Council’s lack of planning, authority and oversight responsibilities over Public Markets.

The lack of real leadership that plagues Gambian institutions, the mindset of the average Gambian not knowing what to expect out of the leadership they put in office, including the cultural, traditional norms of a belief system that may prevent them from doing so was a huge factor and focus of the conversation.

How those same leaders occasionally use religion as a weapon to favor leaders as a defense mechanism from getting held accountable whilst failing the population, was expounded on too.

Guests Present – Sulayman Ben Suwareh, Babou Abdoulie Jobe, Tamsir Mbai and Rolex Taal.

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