The Insight Show – Mighty Joe – Sexual Harassment – Governance Analysis


Mighty Joe, Gambian Rapper sits with host of the Insight Show Tima Gaye discussing about his career in music, the plight of unwanted Children.

Part two of the show highlights a detailed conversation on Facebook news trending on “Love at the TRRC”, Sexual Harassment, Governance Analysis with Co-host Proffs, and guests Selecta Charles, Dawda, Kebba & Babou Abdoulie.

On this episode, Mighty Joe gave us an insight detail of how he found a daughter he adopted with the help of the police.

Selecta Charles and Kebba called in to weigh in thoughts of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Proffs, Dawda and Babou shared opposing views on what supporting a President must be about and explored the meaning of the impeachment clause.

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