The Insight Show – KillaAce Big Faa Feud Analysis


On this Episode, Host – Tima Gaye, wanted to get to the bottom of a quickly escalated brewing feud on social media, between two influential Gambian rappers KillaAce and Big Faa.

Inflammatory and insensitive content on Big Faa’s latest single “Yaa Koh Teyy”, meaning “it is your fault” highlighting how brutal of a climate of impunity The Gambia’s notorious Anti-Crime Unit operates within, and any attempt to defy them could lead to suicide, hence what KillaAce found utterly insensitive to the victims of Gambia’s 22 years of brutal dictatorship.

According to Killaace, the song almost seems to hail the PIU at the expense of victims of Police brutality.

Killaace is a very well known and popular Gambian artist within the Gambian human rights, social justice and activism sphere.

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