The Insight Show – How A Corrupt Police System Affects Everyday Taxi Driving – An Ineffective Insurance System too


On this episode, a Gambian man who values, appreciates, makes a living, honors and respects the profession of being a Taxi Driver, and has been one since graduating high school, says Taxi Driving is not only a noble profession but can guarantee a very sustainable career in The Gambia.

However, being amongst those in the profession and have had enough of police and insurance corruption, threatening the stability of the profession along the busy streets of The Gambia, he laid out his frustrations bare, all out in the open. He simply wants the Gambia Government to do something tangible about both Police and insurance Corruption in the streets and institutions of Gambia. It has become unbearable and unacceptable for far too long, to no avail.

Part two of the show highlights an in-depth detailed conversation reacting to the interview. The issue of Lamin Jaiteh of Sweden, facing deportation was raised.

You will love the analysis that followed suit with Co-host Proffs, and guests Fatou Jarra, Haddy Njie, Sulayman Ben Suwareh of Fatu Network and Tamsir Mbye of Germany.

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