Gambia SUPREME ISLAMIC COUNCIL, go face the TRRC and acknowledge your endless endeavor and DESIRE that all Gambian Male Muslims MUST BE IMAMS, hence must LEAD A MOSQUE in their life time, hence A ZILLION EMERGENCY MOSQUE BUILDING PROJECTS were more of a priority in a country like Gambia, so destitutely backward, poor and so shamelessly behind in basic common sense human development and should be in every street of Gambia initiated by no other, but the Mosque Builder Yahya Jammeh himself, eventually making Yahya Jammeh a symbol of ISLAMIC PURITY and got Yahya Jammeh to UNTOUCHABLE STATUS!

The more mosques he built, the more stolen taxes he threw at Imams, the more cars he gave Imams, the more untouchable he became!

Hence, lived like a DEMI-GOD who could DO NO WRONG, untouchable by the laws of Islam and that, the manner in which he ruled Gambia made him the ONLY TYPE OF LEADER who was ordained by the religion of Islam and the God of Islam to be the messenger of Islam to Gambians from Allah to accept, hail and worship, toward a more clearer pathway to heaven no other prophet has done or shown already!

Gambian Imams get ready to testify at the TRRC!

You Gambian Imams especially with the AID and ABETTING of the Supreme Islamic Council, at times funded by stolen taxes from Yahya Jammeh, used the religion of Islam to SUBDUE vulnerable Gambians into being literally slaves of Yahya Jammeh inside their own country, and who helped gotten Gambians so helpless and hopeless, instead of find the courage to know Islam forbade the type of leaders like Yahya Jammeh to lead a country, you Gambian Imams instead, preached at almost EVERY MOSQUE on almost EVERY FRIDAY at almost every Muslim gathering, every Gamo, for the people to ACCEPT their SUFFERING FROM YAHYA JAMMEH as SUCH, and that such WAS DECREED BY ALLAH and that, somehow there was nothing, they could do about it, to end it!

Used and twisted the Hadiths and excerpts of the Quran to ordain Yahya Jammeh as the symbol of righteous leadership, buttressing his ignorance on opposition politics, that, the opposition or any who opposed Yahya Jammeh – The Defender of Islam – according to you Imams – those Gambians speaking up against the injustice he meted on Gambians, were DISHONORABLE BAD SONS & DAUGHTERS of Gambia and people who DISOBEYED the orders of Allah and believed not the religion of Islam for opposing Yahya Jammeh! What an unacceptable #bull to take, then, now and forever!

Preached as if Yahya Jammeh was ruling Gambia using excerpts directly of the Quran just like the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) preached or The selected Righteous Khalifs of Islam after the prophet ruled. Another bunch of #bull! Far from it!

Not even the power of their votes could. At times even insinuating and citing voting for Yahya Jammeh was equivalent to praying to Allah and a duty of all Gambians to do so. What a bunch of #bull, really!

As Yahya Jammeh was known for, sold for and always applauded for, by you Imams of Gambia, making the most ridiculous and most ignorant religious justification that no election can remove him out of office and that if any doubted so, they must not know Allah was his campaign manager and all the angels of Allah his party surrogates! What an insult to Islam and Allah of Gambian Muslims!

Preposterously, you Imams heard him insinuate such Ignorance, but endorsed it in exchange of your filled pockets of stolen taxes! You cannot dodge the TRRC, laying low, pretending as if you played no role in what Gambia became so shamefully known for; so we are getting you ready to face the TRRC and take responsibility finally!

The TRRC is about TRUTH TELLING, so go tell the truth too. Islam is about Truth Telling! Prove it!

In fact, held numerous State House ground prayers, praying (WAA CHEH KAAMIL) not for the destitute Gambians suffering decades after decade, but for Yahya Jammeh, to continue his reign of Terror on Gambians!

When that seems NOT TO BE ENOUGH MYSTIFYING of Yahya Jammeh, you actively participated in leading the Sycophancy parade in political rallies funded by stolen taxes of the people, all across the country, inside of your mosques, inside your own communities taking advantage of those who respected you and those Gambians who looked up to you for guidance, praise singing Yahya Jammeh as the GREATEST SON of Gambia, WHOM THE GAMBIA and GAMBIAN PEOPLE CANNOT DO WITHOUT and must strive daily to be like!

When you knew Islam clearly spoke VOCIFEROUSLY AGAINST leaders EXACTLY like Yahya Jammeh for them to do, nothing other than to use the resources of the State to protect the poor and vulnerable regardless of their religious faith, but not take advantage of them in the name of Islam especially!

You helped created a playbook of religious politics for Yahya Jammeh to use the Quran and Islam to TURN LIES INTO TRUTH, TRUTH into LIES, MEAN SPIRITED into GOOD SPIRITED, falsehood into Jammeh Truth we all must abide by!

In fact, the Quran was written because of leaders like Yahya Jammeh and how they MUST NOT and HAD NO BUSINESS RULING humans!

Literally, Blaming Allah for the crimes of Yahya Jammeh on Gambians!

Sowing the seeds of backward mentality on leadership, that within 1 min, could have been DENOUNCED by even any sober drunkard picked up from the streets who never heard of nor even read the Quran; for decades, Imams using selected verses of the Quran about leadership, to justify Yahya Jammeh’s style of leadership which you Imams knew very well Yahya Jammeh never could have measured up to those excerpts of the Quran’s definition of leadership, even for the next 100,500 years of Yahya Jammeh going to civic education classes and forced to read the Quran!

Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting and beard
Supreme Islamic Council Leaders and Imams gathered annually at the Gambia State House receiving cash gifts from despot Yahya Jammeh

Regardless, and mockingly so, Imams, in order to fill your pockets with stolen Taxes, which should have gone to people dying in hospitals, women farmers toiling in rice fields many a times with fatherless children, children failing at schools, youths drowning and dying at sea, at the backway trying to rescue their suffering parents, pensioners receiving paychecks as low as D47 per month, losses to tax payers worth more than D2 Billion and counting in Government THEFT, now recorded and revealed by the commissions of inquiry; you Imams pocketed part of, used the Quran, claiming Yahya Jammeh was an epitome of kindness those verses of the Quran mentioned in leadership, and must be seen at the helm of affairs at the State House in Gambia as such was ENDORSED BY ISLAM – ? ? WOW!

At times, equally heinously, with no remorse, no shame and NO FEAR OF ALLAH, no regard for the title of Imam-ship, actively participating into brainwashing Gambians inside of the same mosques built by stolen taxes you knew of and never preached against, but pocketed; taxes of the same vulnerable and poor Gambians whom should have been not only protected by their constitution, their laws, their institutions, but too by their religious scripts, by highly scholarly men of Islam they had faith in, by the god they worship THROUGH YOU THE IMAMS that LEAD THEM IN PRAYER; instead, preached them into thinking that, it was GOD who sent Yahya Jammeh to Gambians as a prophet to admire and emulate, name our children after; at times even justified if Jammeh was to commit any heinous crimes against Gambians, such were NORMAL CRIMES EVERY LEADER COMMITTED ON THEIR PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD ANYWAYS, but in reality, Gambians knew a Prophet of Doom, and it was Allah who wanted you Imams as your key responsibility, to sell Yahya Jammeh as the Messiah to rescue Gambians from someone else other than himself and you imams.

In reality, what Gambians saw, was a fraudulent system of opportune moments to grab, usually money and material driven, deeply embedded and rooted into the politico-religious systems the Supreme Islamic Council built, mixed with a very toxic culture of USING THE WORDS OF ALLAH self-profiteering at the expense of Muslims and Christians alike, they should have protected if all our laws failed, and institutions failed!

It seems Yahya Jammeh was sending a very clear message to the Gambian people that, part of why he walked with the Quran daily, was because he wanted to convey the notion that, no Imam can fool him and can be trusted with a Quran, let alone a mosque, hence needed to walk with one so no Imam could fool him!

Imams in return justified Jammeh was sent to AB– USE GAMBIANS, including their fellow Imams who stood up to Jammeh; and you imams enabled that, thus further preaching, Gambians allowing SUCH abuse, was JUSTIFIED in the EYES OF GOD and ISLAM! #Bull

The Imams must go clean their image at the TRRC and vouch NEVER EVER AGAIN an IMAM surrenders custody of the purity of Islam to a politician! 

The Imams must go face the TRRC, to tell us HOW in the hell was it Yahya Jammeh was able to use them as CUSTODIANS OF THE RELIGION OF ISLAM, in the manner that he did!? We need to know! What was Yahya Jammeh telling Imams behind the scenes, for Imams who should have known better, participate and became enablers! It wasn’t as simple as FEAR! Dereliction of Duty it was! We want to know more!

The TRRC is not ABOUT YAHYA JAMMEH only, but how, why and what CREATED and CREATES a YAHYA JAMMEH TYPE of Gambian! 

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