DIASPORIUM MEDIA NETWORK has been anonymously tipped in photos and videos, on what is alleged to be evidence of high powered weaponry, received by a GACH SECURITY Company believed to be registered in Gambia, shipped through the Gambia’s only Port Authority as clearly shown in Port receipts to company. 

Exhibit A

Our network attempted reaching our sources in the Gambia’s Security Intelligence for more details on the shipment, causing unnerving security tensions felt both by citizens and members of Gambia’s security intelligence seen to be a security breach, but has yet to have clarity on whether the Government of the Gambia had full knowledge of this shipment or were tipped off on it.

Exhibit B

Gambia Port Authority Payment Receipt #12951 of D750.00 indicating cash received from a Gach Security Company receipted back to the company for perhaps what our source has tipped us to be evidence aiding in clearance of shipment out of the port.

Exhibit C

Upon closer scrutiny in questioning, our anonymous tip summed up authorities cited at least one shipment clearance amount of D750 as what could have been suspicious enough to warrant a tip off from potential whistleblower.

DIASPORIUM couldn’t verify what receipted amount of D750 to Gach Security Company was for.

Speculations that has reached us too of the possibility GACH Security Company perhaps NOT, a legally registered security company in The Gambia and of the probability of perhaps a Pseudo Company in the name of which the weapons were shipped to, seems to have been a decoy if any ill intended with the weapons.

Exhibit E

A detailed online search of Gambia’s most frequented business directory, ACCESS GAMBIA, has no Security Company listed, matching the name Gach Security Company in operation in Gambia, for how long, who does it belong to, and who their management heads were.

An advanced google search query of the same company name linked to the country couldn’t be helpful neither.


Exhibit F

Weapons were shipped to said company and to have been delivered by a Gambia based shipping agency Maersk Gambia Ltd to an unknown address and individual, details still not clear and ascertain to us at the time of our sources reporting to DIASPORIUM, but perhaps such known to the concerned security apparatuses, our network has yet to verify and confirm.

Speculations as of today, has reached us too, that Gambia’s Security Chiefs are narrowing to a “well known business man” the weapons are believed to be ownership of.

Exhibit G

Maersk Gambia Ltd, is a multinational subsidiary of Maersk Line Shipping Company established in the Gambia by the Denmark-based A.P. Moller Group in 1993 and is the appointed customs clearing agent for Maersk Line / Logistics division in Banjul Ports.

A Delivery Order reference receipt #31916 and Bill of Lading 711498320 clearly showcases 252 boxes of shipped weapons packaged in boxes labeled “Shot Guns”.

Written evidence on declaration of content on Bill of Lading receipt, seems not to be deceptive nor contrary to content type discovered and examined upon inspection.

Hence another source has speculated the weapons are not and may not have been shipped ill intended, but perhaps of and belongs to Gach Security Company of “the well known business man” intended for residential and commercial security services.

As Gambia’s security concerns by her citizens has heightened in recent months, not by external threat, but mostly of internal, due to a high rise in petty criminality, such revelation calms not security fears, but heightens them further.

Adding to the unnerving tensions of citizens upon learning of the security threat posed by what seemed to have emanated from the rather unusual reaction of the Gambia Government’s Security Chiefs, not expected from those at the top echelon of security on top of the nations security tipped off to be on alert concerning unawareness of an unknown shipment of a container load, full of warfare weaponry, Gambians who are ever watchful of the capabilities of their former President and Strong man to destabilize the country’s security, currently exiled, have began speculating on his possible involvement too.

Along with strong evidence of the current meddling of the country’s exiled former President Yahya Jammeh to Equatorial Guinea, still deeply embedded and highly influential in Gambian politics though his political party, recently elected, Supreme Leader of his APRC party, during his party’s last held congress, hasn’t help eased speculation of involvement neither before evidence of shipment linking to Gach Security Company was confirmed.

Another source has cited concerns that, even if direct meddling by the former President in Gambia’s Security Affairs to destabilize its new found democracy aided by ECOMIG intervention, was to be a possibility, that in itself would not be only seen by ECOWAS as a direct violation of the ECOWAS/ECOMIG agreement that peacefully ensured transfer of power and his exile out of the country, but as well, will constitute interpretation as a direct confrontation with the Ecowas’ ECOMIG.

Exhibit H

The extended presence of Ecowas’ ECOMIG in the Gambia announced by Current President Adama Barrow in 2017, signaled to her citizens that the country’s security still communicates grave concern amongst the country’s top Security Chiefs.

Those concerns continue looming more with ambiguity, rather than certainty, and such uncertainty experts have cited borne from delayed security reforms expected to have been achieved within the country’s security institutions, in record time considering ECOMIG doesn’t have an indefinite mandate of presence. But none has come forth to existence.

Such reforms have been perceived and still are perceived if achieved, to be the only clear responsible pathway to ending ECOMIG’s peaceful existence in the Gambia.

The ECOMIG’s presence since 2017, currently on a peacekeeping mission to ensure no outside treat becomes a reality, hasn’t calmed external security nerves of Gambians neither as long as the country’s former President is still relevant in Gambian politics.

Hence citizens mainly conditioned by fear that any threat perceived external, can only be linked to the former President.

Another faction of our sources reaching us, more concerned on the internal security lapses, than the possibility of external, asked, how come the nation’s Security Chiefs were unaware of such a large shipment of weapons, but rather had to be tipped off, have strongly dispelled that rumor and possibility of the Former President’s involvement.

Went even further totally scrapping possibility of involvement of the former President who continues to be a high valued target of interest to pursue for prosecution of torture crimes, extra-judiciary killings of his citizens during his iron-fist rule of 22 years by the international community and Gambia Officials as well for crimes against humanity, summing cannot be this callous.

Another opined, such fears can only be dampened when Gambia’s security Chiefs have broken through in record time on their investigations, who really owns the weapons and for what reason was it shipped for into the Gambia.

As of now, The Gambia’s security intelligence are tight lipped, as vigorous investigations are still underway.

We will keep you posted more on this story.

We encourage our potential sources and current sources to send us information linked to this story for more clarity or any other story to share with our esteemed readers to NEWS@DIASPORIUM.COM

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