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The InSight Show

The InSight Show with Host Tima Gaye is an interview based radio show always exploring the very insightful lives of interviewees into their careers, belief systems, trials and tribulations, political opinions etc. Tune in every Saturday 9pm UK Time.

The Insight Show – Mighty Joe – Sexual Harassment – Governance Analysis

https://www.mixcloud.com/diasporium/the-insight-show-mighty-joe-sexual-harassment-governance-analysis/ Mighty Joe, Gambian Rapper sits with host of the Insight Show Tima Gaye discussing about his career in music, the plight of unwanted Children. Part two of the show highlights a detailed conversation on Facebook news trending on "Love at the TRRC", Sexual Harassment, Governance...

The Insight Show – How A Corrupt Police System Affects Everyday Taxi Driving – An Ineffective Insurance System too

https://www.mixcloud.com/diasporium/the-insight-show-how-a-corrupt-police-can-affect-everyday-taxi-drivers-ineffective-insurance-too/ On this episode, a Gambian man who values, appreciates, makes a living, honors and respects the profession of being a Taxi Driver, and has been one since graduating high school, says Taxi Driving is not only a noble profession but can guarantee a very...

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The Insight Show – Public Markets, A Source Of Public Disorientation Neglected By City...

https://www.mixcloud.com/diasporium/the-insight-show-public-markets-a-source-of-public-disorientation-neglected-by-city-councils/ On this episode of the Insight Show with show hosts, Tima Gaye and Proffs, the show reacted to a video put up on the...